Music at Cartlandia Series Presents Josh and Scott on Acoustic Guitar 8/31 noon to 4 pm

Noon to 4, Scott and Josh will tune up their acoustic guitars and play your favorities at Cartlandia. 


We heard them play at the Hillsdale Farmer's Market and loved their sound and their great interaction with the families and children there! Scott Snyder is a multi-talented songwriter and performer. His CD's "One True Thing" and "Water, Rock and Sand" are in the style of Dave Matthews and Jackson Browne, melding folk, rock, blues, and roots tunes with insightful lyrics available on He has performed around the world but calls Portland home where you can occasionally find him working as an attorney.

Josh Kadish is a singer/songwriter celebrating his 50th year of guitar playing. He can usually be found at the Hillsdale Farmers' Market playing kids songs, folks, blues, gospel and pop. He also sings with the Sandals, an acappella quartet, and Portland's Bach Cantata Choir. In his spare time, he is a lawyer with Wyse Kadish LLP. 

This is part of the ongoing Music at Cartlandia Series that has featured the Amy Keys Band, Mariachi music , Seventy Six the Band, and more.