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Broke in Stereo - Brooklyn-Based Indie Blues Rock Trio

"It touts a bluesy vibe...subdued yet dynamic with delivery....fuses elements of post-rock and reaches some impressive talented artist"

     - The Even Ground


"Broke in Stereo might prove itself as the new talked about Brooklyn band...combines alternative rock with a classic blues influence."

     - FlavorPill


Bio: Broke in Stereo is a Brooklyn based indie blues rock trio. Their sound is built on the rich lyrical content, heavy rhythmic elements, simple format songwriting, a melancholy blues. The band gained notice with the release of their video “Dark Side” from their EP “Ear Art” -tracked and mixed in The Cutting Room Studios. The BMI affiliated band can be found in the catalogues of Crucial Music and more recently, Gratitude Sound. 

The band is bringing the music to new heights taking the linear song formats and breathing life into the stage in a multi-dimensional ways with virtuosic skill, improvisation and interpretation.