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Birdy and the Bowtie (Ca)+ Robin Wilbanks = Vintage Jazz + American




Birdy and the Bow Tie are inspired by early 20th century music, particularly vintage jazz from the 1920s through the 1940s. The duo’s appealing sound is a mix of Alison Marae’s contralto vocals and cheery ukulele with Wil Forbis’ tasty lead guitar and jazzy scat. Thrown into live shows are dreamy harmonies, soft shoe percussion and scat solos. The duo plays vintage acoustic jazz, swing, blues and originals inspired by generations past.

The duo hosts community ukulele events and workshops, where people gather to strum and sing along to different ukulele songbooks that they’ve arranged. They also teach ukulele, guitar, voice and piano out of their home studio in San Diego, CA.