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Upstate Rubdown -On Tour = acoustic septet melds soul, jazz, and drumming

 Upstate Rubdown is an acoustic septet from New York's Hudson Valley, borrowing from every corner (and decade) of America's musical heritage.

Over the years, the band's membership has snowballed from a fairly innocuous song-spinning trio in 2011 to the hefty and innovative ensemble it is today. Singers Mary Kenney, Melanie Glenn, and Kate Scarlett shine through in rich 3-part Harmony paired with an eclectic mix of instruments including Mandolin (Ryan Chappell), Upright Bass (Harry D'Agostino), Cajon (Dean Mahoney), and Saxophone (Christian Joao). 

Though the band began among college peers in a college town, they have weathered the challenges of graduations, unemployment, and members moving across 3 states, to continue writing songs and touring the Northeast, and in the process won some glowing press and devoted fans. 

Their energy and gravity caught the eye of veteran producer and keyboardist Jason Miles in 2014, and with Miles' help and the support of an ambitious kickstarter campaign, the group recorded and released their first full-length album A Remedy in 2015. 

Upstate Rubdown has shared stages with noted acts such as Cory Henry, Marco Benevento, Commander Cody, Phox and many others. Though their music is hard to pin down, a recent description from NPR music gets close: "The New York Seven-piece melds soul, jazz, and aggressive desk drumming into one unstoppable blend" 

Come Dance! 


"Pulling from the greatest corners of American music, this group has the power to get feet moving with or without amplification. Like fresh-farmed vegetables, their music is as organic as it is good for you. From foot-stomping bass, highlighted by the slap of a cajon, to the familiar strums of the mandolin and guitar over a wailing saxophone – there’s so much going on instrumentally that when the harmonious lead vocalists chime in the result is nothing short of a homegrown hurricane of sound." - - Otis Mountain Get Down Review

Upstate Rubdown makes a joyful, light-footed noise. With a sound reminiscent of Lake Street Dive, the New York 7-piece (plus Emily Kaplan on the flute) melds soul, jazz and aggressive desk-drumming into one unstoppable blend. “– NPR Radio- TinyDesk contest 2016 Upstate