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Jamie Wyatt- singer songwriter - guitar virtuoso





Jaime Wyatt is a striking figure that walks the earth with an old soul.

Northwest-born and raised - and now residing in Los Angeles, California,

Wyatt's voice is a force, both rich and clear, which draws people in.

Comparisons are frequently drawn to Neko Case, Stevie Nicks, and at


she has been anointed a female Tom Petty.  However, Nancy Wilson of


professed loving Wyatt’s "Punk Rock attitude."  Wyatt is a dynamic

performer, dually noted as a powerhouse singer and stellar guitar


sailing between vintage 60s and 70s country/rock/soul anthems and

heartfelt melodies.


Now, with her backing band, The Bang Bang's (Ro Rowan on cello/bass and

Kane McGee on drums with no cymbals, percussion, keyboards, and backing

vocals), Wyatt and team are hitting the road, playing material from


new full-length, From Outer Space, and allowing Wyatt to return to her

Northwest roots.


From Outer Space tells the stories of heartbreak and redemption,


by a voice that is both rich and magnetic.  Wyatt’s standout voice and

classic songwriting intuition has earned her features in several movies

and TV shows, most recently ABC’s Nashville.  Also, as a band member of

Ashley Hamilton’s band, Ash & the Lonely Hearts, Jaime Wyatt regularly

appears in the E! reality TV show the Hamiltons & the Stewarts, which


in July 2015.


Touring in support of From Outer Space, Jaime Wyatt & The Bang Bang's

manage to make a lot of noise for three people, by way of multi-tasking


guitar, tasty loops, harmonica, acoustic guitar, banjo, electric guitar,

and a slew of vocals.  Their set is both reflective and uplifting; a


Americana and alternative country sound, while drifting into elements of

60 & 70s rock & soul.


Working with noted producer Mark Howard, who has worked with the likes


Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Lucinda Williams, and Daniel Lanois, the result is

From Outer Space, which was a dream come true for Wyatt.  Recorded at


home, something Howard is well-known for (Tom Waits' Real Gone - among

others), the album captures the magic and relaxed nature of her home



"When I heard Lucinda Williams' album World Without Tears, I knew there

was a special environment and energy being curated.  There are

performances on the album, which are superior.  There’s a tamed chaos


Mark was able to pull out of those players, an energy I have long-since

desired on my recordings," Wyatt says with excitement, discussing why


dreamed of working with Howard.


"My longtime writing partner Gregory Butler worked with Mark Howard in

England, at Peter Gabriel’s studio and he always said we’d be great

together.  So he made the introduction and Mark and I stayed in touch

until the time was right," recalls Wyatt.  "I sent iPhone recordings and

played some songs for Mark and we started making a list.  At that point


time, I had written a lot of stories I am proud to sing about.  I’ve got

songs, which empathize and empower.  So if there was ever a right


this is it."


Amongst the tracks taking flight are “Come Home for December,” written


her sister battling heroin addiction, revealing their story of growing


together, loving reggae, and being bad kids.  Also, an anthem for all


black sheep outcasts in "I Wanna Be Your Girl," a track expressing a


for second chances in “Even You,” and for the kids with limited means

making something out of nothing with what they can, "Heavy Metal Love.”


Of the songs, Howard states, "The one thing that struck me about Jaime


that she comes from the same place where Emmylou Harris and Lucinda

Williams comes from.  She has that same soul in her voice and her


is up to that same greatness.  She will be one of the next great

singer-songwriters to follow in their footsteps."


Originally discovered by Skip Williamson of L.A. indie label Lakeshore

Records while still living in her hometown of Tacoma, Washington, she

signed her first recording contract at 17.  Her Lakeshore Records

self-titled EP was produced by Pete Droge, and delivered a windfall with

each and every song receiving placement in a major motion picture or

soundtrack, some of which included Wicker Park (“Lightswitch"), Midnight

Meat Train (song title), and Feast of Love (song title).  The track

"Lightswitch" became a hit at college and indie radio in the U.S.

alongside stations across the European continent.  Tiffany, of 80's pop

radio fame, covered her composition "Mind Candy” on her album Just Me.

This year, a song Wyatt penned with Pete Droge and Elaine Summers was

featured on ABC’s hit TV show Nashville.

Wyatt is a prolific songwriter and musician who maintains a busy writing

and touring schedule.  She released two EPs with the group American

Bloomers, and in 2013 released a full-length album as a member of the

female Americana trio Calico.  Now, she looks touring in support of From

Outer Space and sharing this collection of songs with audiences across



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