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The Hillwilliams - Bluegrass

The Hillwilliams play the best of traditional bluegrass, featuring the music of Old and in the Way

  • Rich Landar, Mandolin
    Matt Franzen, Banjo
    David Gerow, Fiddle
    Jeffree White, Guitar
    Bernardo Gomez, Bass


    The Hillwilliams are a group of Portland, OR musicians who have come together to celebrate the high lonesome sound and hot picking of traditional Bluegrass.

    Brought together initially by admiration for bluegrass masters like Bill Monroe and The Stanley Brothers as well as 1970s bluegrass supergroup Old and in the Way, The Hillwilliams blend three strong vocalists, smoking fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo and doghouse bass, into a fun high energy mix, that harkens back to classic bluegrass, while exploring an exciting sound of their own. Whether they are playing the best of the traditional bluegrass repertoire, or playing their own original bluegrass songs, their shows are fun, high energy events that leave audiences asking for more.

    The Hillwilliams' first album of original material, "Hill Yeah!", was released in February of 2015.

Just a reminder that if you haven't yet picked up your own copy of The Hillwilliams' first album, "Hill Yeah!", it's available at the following online locations.!/id965449104
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