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Ramblin' Rose + Friendly John Conniff = Grateful Dead Experience -

9/30 Ramblin' Rose at Blue Room - Grateful Last Fridays - The Blue Room Bar at Cartlandia + guest "#BobWeir" for the evening will be Ramblin'Rose co-founder John "Friendly John" Conniff! #FriendlyJohnConniff -#GratefulDead music! If you can believe it, back in the dimly-remembered summer of 2001, Ramblin' Rose were the only guys (& gal, hi Kerry!) doing Grateful Dead music in the Portland area! Sigh. Many adventures were had in those first few years, including performing at the 4th decannual Field Trip in 2002 (w/ Ken Babbs #KenBabbs sitting in), going rogue with our own late night stage at Horning's Hideout for both NWSS and SCI, and having the great pleasure of meeting many of you fine brothers and sisters for the first time as we gathered our local Deadhead family... which we forgot to name: Rambleheads? We have been awaiting a chance to catch up with John onstage for many years now, and figure this is a perfect opportunity to both ease the sorrow of Matt Franzen's recent departure and to reconnect with a very dear friend and co-collaborator! Also returning (from a much shorter absence) is the excellent Ed Keene on drums! #EdKeene

Discover the miraculous health benefits of Grateful Dead music performed live at the Blue Room Bar stage! Arrive early to delight in the deliciously diverse Cartlandia food cart offerings, then dance to your heart's content as with hysterical accuracy Ramblin' Rose recreates Grateful Dead shows that never happened!
9/30 Ramblin' Rose at Blue Room - Grateful Last Fridays

Ladies and Gentlefreaks!
Cats Under the Stars would like to announce (and indeed is hereby announcing) that we are re-igniting the flame that is RAMBLIN' ROSE! It's a band gazinta!!! Same five guys (since September 2014) with the same tireless love for all things Dead, but with a new/old name.

The next several shows will appear on both the Cats and Ramblin' Rose social media as we get you all (and ourselves) adjusted to the identity transition. 

9 out of 10 "doctors" agree that the best way of easing this time of awkwardness and discomfort would be to join "us" in the Blue Room Feb 26  and dance to two big, comfy sets of electric Grateful Dead music!

21+ and $5 cover