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Teresa Topaz + Jeremy Fama + Hot Tub Fantasies = Rock, Blues, Country and Soul

9:00pm - Jeremy Fama - Rock, Blues and Soul

10:00pm - Teresa Topaz - Rock & Country 

11:00pm - Hot Tub Fantasies - Rock

Teresa Topaz is a musical artist and composer, with an appreciation of every genre and style of music– along with the ability to put it all together in unique, ever-changing combination.  On her newly-released LP, “Reset Me”, she composed and performed; vocals, background vocals, guitars, everything except bass (Mr. Keith Waters), as well as co-produced the album alongside of engineer and producer, Tim Biedron . With the release of “Reset Me” on August 16th 2015, the album quickly broke into the top 5 in the Rock charts on  

 Jeremy Fama -   Grunge, Blues and Soul - Solo act (Electric and acoustic guitar)

Bio:  Jeremy Famà translates the grunge tradition in a blues and folk solo performance with guitar, vocals, whistle and kazoo. Crafted in cafes and house shows from his native Maryland, Jeremy followed his ramblin' bone to Atascadero, CA for his first full length release. He aims to use his thought provoking lyrics and eclectic style in Portland, Oregon to reach all venues and walks of life.

2nd Group : Hot Tub Fantasies.. Band

Hell Hammer - Guitar/Vocals

Out from the depths of a mysterious land called Norway emerges Hell Hammer. His nasty reputation has forced the local government to deport him to the United States after a lengthy prison sentence. In prison he made a deal with the devil and sold his soul to become an invincible rock deity among the land of men,

Johnny Dubs - Bass/Vocals

Johnny hails from a small town in upstate New York where he grew up playing the alto saxophone. In the seventh grade he bought a bass guitar to complete an elementary school rock band called "The Downbeat." After the bands unexpected failure, he transitioned back to the alto saxophone vowing to never play in a rock and roll band again. One fateful day, he came across Hell Hammer living in the slums of east side Portland and eating out of the dumpster. Unbeknownst to him, this would be the start of the greatest rock band known to mankind... 

Eddie Smash - Drums

Little is known about this masterful drummer. Rumor has it he magically appeared at the door of the soon to be Hot Tub Fantasies music lair with drums sticks in hand and zapatos on his feet. A simple "Hola" sealed his fate as the greatest drummer to ever live.