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Teresa Topaz - The guitarist & soprano with a Bluesy Country grit.


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Teresa Topaz is a musical artist and composer who has an appreciation of practically every genre and style of music– along with the ability to put it all together in unique, ever-changing combinations that you’ve never heard before.  On her newly-released, first LP, Reset Me, she wrote and composed all her songs and performed lead and rhythm guitar, all the effects, and the background vocals, performing everything but the bass guitar as well as co-produced the album alongside of engineer and producer, Tim Biedron .


She was born of parents with two wildly different musical tastes.  Her father’s music was Cole Porter, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Frank Sinatra, and the like. Her mother’s was Guns and Roses, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, etc. 


Teresa took it all in, along with the grunge rock and hard rock – Pearl Jam and all the rest – that was playing when she was growing up.  She mixed it all together, and Teresa Topaz the artist is the wondrous result.  With a gift for being able to listen to absolutely any genre of music and then to make it her own, she has cultivated an astonishing operatic soprano voice with a Bluesy Country grit.


Teresa walked away from her career in bartending and managing nightclubs and found enough guts and faith in herself to let go of financial stability and simply pursue her dream: to be a professional musician.


By 2011, she had moved from Monterey to the San Francisco Bay area.  In the capital of the 60’s Music revolution, the Bay area had invited Teresa to play the stages of the iconic clubs: Milk Bar in Haight-Ashbury, Red Devil Lounge, the Fenix, 1015 Folsom, and elsewhere.  She completed her first album, New Beginnings, an EP featuring her voice and guitar.  On, she quickly broke into the Top 10 ranking in the bay area.  TV 101, a local Santa Cruz station, did a whole hour-set feature on her and her music to promote her recent release.


In 2014, Teresa, along with Keith Waters on bass, recorded the entire Reset Me album at  Tim Biedron’s studio in Marin, Ca. Released on August 16th, 2015, broke into the Top 5 for the Rock genre according to  Teresa has also been featured on, one of  Entertainments top 100 music website


Every song On Reset Me has a different tone, a different timbre of her voice, always powerful, and a different subject: “Aquarians,” about war and the Occupy movement “Playful Games” deals with climate change, and the title song “Reset Me” is about people losing social interaction, undermined by their phones and tablets.  Says Teresa, “I write about topics that matter.”


Today, Teresa lives in Portland, Oregon and is booking shows now to promote her newly released album.