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Tara Novellas - Singer songwriter Residency Indie folk

Proclaiming their Songwriter Jangle Folk Rock in alternating war cries and whispers, this Portland band is nothing if not captivating.

It's a bit of a problem.

For instance, don't expect that you'll be able to tune out the lyrics to have a conversation. 
Don't expect to get the melodies out of your head. 
And certainly don't expect to leave the room, because just when you think you've pinned them down as a shredding rock band they will whip out the harmonica.

It's the sound you might get if Regina Spektor corrupted Judy Garland with quirk, and hired The Avett Brothers to raze the stage with slamming guitar chords and sibling harmonies.

The Tara Novellas aim to inspire audiences with their dynamic performances and passion for honest music. 
After arriving on the scene 2 short years ago, this band has seen a quick rise with gigs at such venues as The Roseland, The White Eagle, Pacific University, The GoodFoot, The Rock Bottom, Dublin Pub, MENCHE Festival, West Linn Library Concert Series, and more, consistently drawing crowds of 30-50 people. 2 hours of material and a sound system suit this band for small, acoustic settings as well as large spaces.

The Tara Novellas' DEBUT EP has been released! Free at last! 
This 4-song masterpiece features originals by Tara Velarde and the band, and is now available for download at the link below. We hope you enjoy the work of our hearts and souls!