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Jim Beam Girls + Jim Beam FIRE at The Blue Room Bar

The Jim Beam Girls will be giving away tasters  of Jim Beam Fire and Pinnacle Cinnabon. Plus Prizes to people who order drinks specials with those Liquors . 

Jim Beam Kentucky Fire is “Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey infused with cinnamon liqueur.”On the nose, you’ll get a full hit of cinnamon candy and not much else. Drink up, and it’s about the same. A big rush of Red Hots up front. It’s sweet, it’s hot and there’s very little bourbon to speak of. We tried it neat, on ice and chilled as a shot, which is probably how the majority of drinkers will consume this stuff. Between the three serves — which, yes, was about three too many — we definitely preferred it on the rocks. The addition of ice and some dilution tames the fire, of course, and it tempers the sweetness, making it much more palatable and actually kind of tasty, in a remembering-your-childhood kind of way.