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Stein Project + 63 Fremonts + Nails Hide Metal

Nails Hide Metal return for a third time at The Blue Room Bar . Two other local bands. 21+ no cover start at 8 pm . Here's more about Nails Hide Metal 

Nails Hide Metal 

A write up by Jimbo Ivy of the 'The Hype'

 Jimbo’s Take:

“Lo fi is an overused term for lazy people, but I’m definitely that, so I’ll say it. Just once. NHM is all over the palate; one tune will remind you of late 70s punk rock, but not quite be that; slippery and well-read, would be my overwhelming impression. Notes and nods to epic-spinners like Townshend and other folks of that salubrious sort can be heard in much of the guitar work and vocal heights. The guitar, again, is slippery though. On tunes like Darkness Glow it has that supersonic, 60s and 70s psychedelic altitude; but then on Look For it, it’s straight-up punk rock; crashing through four chords like a bruiser. Vocally, NHM shows it’s experience as well, raining between Hendrix-esque patois and more melodic duo work on tunes like Eastern Breaks. Bottom line: expect the unexpected; a tour of rock N roll from The Guess Who to The Shins.”Jimbo


  Band Influences:

   Punk Rock, Power Rock, Classic Rock, all that Rock


Hype Genre Assessment:

Ultra Flexible Low Fi Throwback Rock