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Dramady + Drunk on Pines + Dark Oz: Mercury Pick of the Week

Yes the famous Dramady is coming to the Blue Room Bar. We are so excited ! The Portland Mercury made this a pick of the Week ! Dramady is a two piece rock band from Portland, OR. The band consists of Amanda Mason Wiles (Rollerball, Six Foot Sloth, The Pink Widower) on bass, vocals, clarinet, and saxophone, and Zac Stanley (Narwhal vs. Narwhal, Miss Massive Snowflake) on drums, vocals, and keyboards. The music is highly rhythmic danceable pop with groove laden dub bass and melodic horns. Zac is pretty amazing to watch live as he plays drums, keyboard, and sings all at once while the crowds dance the night away.

Dark Oz is a garage band hailing from Portland, OR in the spirit of classic Pink Floyd psychedelia paired with elements of punk rock. Hear them playing last month on this you tube video